Customized tours in Provence for groups

tour in provenceManaging a group when travelling is a great responsibility and can be a difficult task because of the many elements that have to be considered and organised – accommmodation, transportation, activities… To help organise tours for groups in Provence and other French region, a great solution is to contact an incoming agency or DMC travel agency.

What is an incoming agency or a DMC travel agency ?

DMC stands for Destination Management Company. It is used for travel agencies working with tour operators, travel agents and companies and specialised in organising tours, activities, transportation and program logistics for groups. It could for example be a partner to organise a sightseeing tour for a group, a seminar for a company, an incentive travel…

Tours in Provence for groups

Tour operators and travel agents can call on incoming agencies services to organise sightseeing tours for groups in Provence. It is a great solution if they do not know the region very well and want to delegate all the logistics such as finding accommodation, coordinating transportation… Incoming agencies have the advantage of knowing perfectly the region and having great partners in the area.

Organise a seminar in Provence

A great way to improve team cohesion in a company, to help people know each other and work together in better conditions, is to organise a seminar or incentive travel. An incoming agency can help you will the logistics and also propose original activites and excursions : gastonomy rally, wine tour, river cruise, sports events…

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