Planning a move abroad

You’ve decided to move from France to live in Canada, Australia, or in another European country? Planning your removal is a decisive step and must not be taken lightly. Trusting a professional with your removal is the best way to avoid useless stress.


Moving by air, road, or sea

Different options are available for an international removal. Moving by plane is a quick way to move your belongings and is a good choice if you have small things to move. Moving by boat will allow you to transport large furniture using a partial or full container depending on your needs.

If you’re not moving overseas, you can choose to move by truck, using a partly-loaded or dedicated lorry. This solution is the best if you have a tight budget.

Relocation services abroad

Some international moving companies also offer relocation services abroad to help you find your feet in your new country. This type of company can help you obtain a visa, a work permit, or transfer a car registration number. If you’re moving with your family and have children, you’ll have to transfer you children to a new school.

All these administrative facilities can be stressfull and entrust a professional with these specific missions is the best choice for a stressless moving.

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