Christmas markets in Provence

Christmas ProvenceIn a few weeks, most towns in Provence will organise their Christmas market to celebrate the end of year festivities. Christmas markets in Provence are a lot different from the Christmas markets in the North of France and in the Alsace region but they are a very nice attraction.

People coming from Alsace or Northern Europe and discovering the Provence Christmas markets are probably surprised by the differences with what is organise in their region.  In December, Provence (well, most parts of Provence) are not covered with snow. The sun shines, the temperatures are quite nice and the palmtrees often replace the fir trees. But visiting Christmas markets in Provence gives you the opportunity to enjoy a nice Christmas atmosphere without being hidden behind scarves, gloves and a pile of sweaters !


The best Christmas markets in Provence

If you are looking for traditional markets to try nice delicatessen and buy some Santons (small figurines to put in the Christmas crib), go to Aix en Provence or to Avignon. You will find some great Calissons (a candy made from candied fruits), traditional Santon makers, great Christmas decoration and other delicacies.


To have more details about Christmas traditions in Provence.

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