L’Estaque : a picturesque village in Marseille

painting Estaque by CezanneWhen visiting Marseille, make a stop at L’Estaque, a traditional and charming fishing village on the outskirts of Marseille which inspired many painters and film-makers.

A little fishing harbour in Marseille with Provencal influences

Estaque means « to tie » in Provencal language and, indeed, L’Estaque, located just North of Marseille, seems tied to the city by the coast.
This picturesque village of Marseille has grown thanks to the handmade tile production and it became famous for its sea urchin, panisse – a local dish made with chick-peas flour – and sardine tasting. Do not leave L’Estaque before tasting Chichi Fregi’s panisses !

Apart from the delicatessen, in L’Estaque, you can also admire several “architectural extravagance”, country house or villa, which have flourished next to traditional houses of cement and tile producers.

A Marseille village which inspires artists

If you are interested in painting, this village will be a delight for you you since L’Estaque is one of birth places of modern painting. This part of Marseille is strongly associated to three key pictural periods : impressionism, fauvism and cubism. At least ten major painting have been realised at L’Estaque by famous artists such as Cezanne, Braque, Dufy, Marquet or Renoir. The amazing view on the Marseille gulf has inspired during a long time numerous painters, which made this neighborhood famous.

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