A guide to the beaches in Marseille

Beach in MarseilleA big city with great cultural events right on the sea side : Marseille is the perfect place for your Summer holidays ! Living in Provence gives a few details about the different beaches in Marseille, tested and approved by our redactors, in order to have a really good time in Marseille !

Les Catalans : next to the Vieux Port of Marseille and with a very friendly atmosphere, the Catalans beach is the only beach in Marseille city center. This guarded beach is surrounded by numerous restaurants and refreshment areas, opened from 8h30 to 20h every days.

Beaches in the Frioul: thanks to the little boat departing from the Quai des Belges on the Vieux Port, the Frioul island offers wonderful beaches, from 10h to 19h.

Le Prophète Beach : this beach is located on the waterfront of the Kennedy Corniche. Mixing sand and rocks, the beach is opened day and night and hosts the « Aperos du Prophète » every Thursdays and Sundays until the 29th of August.

David Beach : this huge sand beach is surrounded by a park and a long waterfront walk. It is opened from 9h15 to 19h and it wil host sport competitions and animations all Summer long.

L’Escale Borély: this beach, located right after the David Beach, will allow you to mix sunbathing and ice-cream breaks thanks to the numerous bar-restaurants around. A great place to spend the day.

La Pointe-Rouge Beach: this fine sand beach is ideal for kids since it is not very deep and is surrounded by cabin-restaurants which propose excellent and cheap menus. This beach is opened from 9h30 to 9h.

Bain des Dames: this pebble beach is located a little bit outside of Marseille city center but offers a wonderful view on the harbor of Marseille.

Beach of the Abri-Cotier: this little beach with turquoise water has its regular guests. It is located after the Pointe Rouge and the Bain des Dames and one restaurant with the same name overhangs the beach.

La Maronaise: if you prefer little creeks, this beach, located near the Goudes village, is a family beach and is very popular with scuba-divers.

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