A guide to Provence food

guide to provence food

Food is a very important part of of the culture in Southern France. With such a great weather, vegetables and fruits are full of flavours and Provencal cooks do their best to reveal their beautiful taste. Living in Provence gives you an humble introduction to Provence specialities.

The Bouillabaisse in Marseille

If it is not your first time reading an article on Living in Provence, you certainly know what a Bouillabaisse is. If not, read this article on the best bouillabaisse restaurants in Marseille !

The salade niçoise in…. Nice !

One of the Provencal dishes that travelled around the world is the famous and delicious Salade Niçoise (literally : Salad from Nice). But do you know the recipe of the traditional salade niçoise? Well, put in a bowl some tomatoes, crispy salad, boiled potatoes, green beans, boied eggs, olives and tuna steak. Then add a traditional vinaigrette (a mix of salt, mustard, vinegar and olive oil). And voilà ! You can a complete meal which transports you to the French Riviera.

What is Ratatouille ?

Ratatouille is a vegetable stew with tomatoes, eggplants, zucchinis, onions and of course garlic and olive oil. Nothing simpler than a ratatouille. You just need a lot of time (each vegetable is cooked on its own before being mixed with the others) and some great vegetables.

and drink Pastis, the traditional drink of Provence !

In summer, you will probably see many glasses of a yellow-white colour. It is Pastis, an alcoholic drink made with star anise. One of the treasures in Provence !

If you are interested in having more details about some dish you came accross in Provence, post a comment and I will develop this article !

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