Weather in Provence

Provence, typical landscape. France,Planning a trip in the South of Provence and you want to know when the best period is? Living in Provence gives you an overview of the weather in Provence to help you prepare the perfect holidays.

Climate in Provence

Provence is located in the South East of France and is therefore well-known for its hot and sunny weather. The region benefits from nearly 3000 hours of sunshine a year and is the hottest place of France.

Summer in Provence

Summers in Provence are usually very dry and hot. The temperature can reach 30 degrees and the nights do not get cooler. The areas along the Mediterranean coast can enjoy a soft wind which makes the temperature more enjoyable but the inland can get very hot and stuffy. The mountains offer the only place where the weather is quite cool in July and August.
It rarely rains in Summer but when it does, it pours !

Winter in Provence

Along the coast the temperature do not get very cold in winter, except when the mistral is blowing. You therefore can enjoy a winter full of flowers, in particular in January and February when the mimosa blossoms.
However, it can get very cold on the mountains (snow is usually falling from December to February).

Mistral in Provence

The Mistral is a very typical wind blowing in Provence. Coming from the North, it is usually very strong – it can reach more than 90 km an hour- , cold and dry and affects mainly the Rhone region, the Camargue region and the Mediterranean coast. The advantage of the Mistral (and it is probably the only one since it is a very strong wind !) is that it brings clear and sunny weather. In Provencal culture, the Mistral is known as “le vent des fadas” because it can make people crazy !

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