Freight forwarding to Africa with HeesterShip

Freight forwarder Marseille HeestershipFreight transportation broker in Marseille, HeesterShip has developed over the years professional services to help you transport containers to a diversity of harbours in Africa. A very competitive and efficient solution.

Sea freight to East Africa

Beira and Maputo in Mozambique, Mombasa in Kenya, Moroni in Comoros, Richards Bay in South Africa… : HeesterShip covers many important harbours in East and South Africa. Freight transportation broker in Marseille, the company will find you the fastest, less expensive and best solution to send your merchandise to Africa.

Liner services to Africa

HeesterShip works in cooperation with Copenship, a Danish shipping company, to always provide the best services at the best rates.

10, place de la Joliette – 13002 Marseille

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