A great seafood restaurant in Marseille with a great view

Seafood restaurant Marseille-Peron

Seafood restaurant in Marseille – the Peron

Great food and an outstanding view : the Peron restaurant in Marseille is one of those places that you remerber for a very long time.

Seafood restaurant in Marseille

Grilled octopus and sardines, fishes from the Mediterranean sea, shellfish, lobster… : the Peron restaurant is probably one of the best seafood restaurants in Marseille. The freshness of the food is excellent and the Chef put all his talent in the preparation of each plate.
If you go to Marseille, you certainly have to try one of Marseille local dishes : the famous Bouillabaisse, a sublim fish soup with a diversity of cooked fishes, vegetables, herbs and spices. The Bouillabaisse is a very complex dish and it has to follow a very precise recipe. Many restaurant menus offer a cheap versions of the dish but the Peron restaurant proposes the real and traditional Bouillabaisse.


A restaurant with a great view in Marseille

The Peron restaurant is on the Corniche Kennedy, right on the seaside and offers a breathtaking view on the Mediterranean sea. In spring and summer, reserve a table on the terrace and enjoy the scenery !


The Peron restaurant : a great restaurant by the sea in Marseille

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